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Cameron Armstrong is an American musician and educator based in Munich, Germany.  His music performance and education history span 18 years and include performances throughout the United States and Europe in groups such as, Modern Bygones, Honeysuckle Rye,  Sebastian and the Deep Blue, and most recently as the singer songwriter Mac Èron.  He can also be found performing regularly with the Munich-Based American Roots ensemble Moonshine Unicorn. Check here for information on upcoming music releases and concert dates

Armstrong is also a passionate music educator with a decade's worth of teaching experience (early childhood-adult). He has taught at festivals, public and private schools, private lessons, and non-profits. He is also the co-creator of the innovative children's music and education program Spacekidetz. 

Armstrong holds a Bachelor's Degree in Music Composition from Cornish College of the Arts and a Master's Degree in Music Education from the University of Washington. 

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