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Music Educator

As an educator, Armstrong creates innovative K-12 music education programs that cultivate community, creativity, curiosity, critical thinking, SEL, and intercultural understanding.

His history as a music educator is diverse and includes experiences as a licensed music teacher, teaching artist, and workshop facilitator in settings including elementary, middle, and high school (private and public), out-of-school non-profit work, and private lessons.


Key Qualities:

  • Prioritizes student-centered and culturally responsive teaching techniques

  • Goal oriented and results driven

  • Shapes curriculum through formative assessment

  • Prompts metacognition through self-reflection

  • Creates scaffolded conditions for creativity

  • Utilize storytelling for enhanced attention and memory

Recent Achievements:

Spacekidetz Education (Prek-3rd grade)

Achieved 100% classroom engagement in grades K-3 by creating an innovative kids music program that utilizes original kid-centered pop music, storytelling, and 3D animation to teach performance, social emotional skills, and music fundamentals.

Global Music Engagement Framework and Pedagogy (K-12)
Increased world music engagement of 4th and 5th graders to 100% in all parameters measured (behavioral, cognitive, and emotional) by expanding on previous world music pedagogy frameworks to provide respectful entry points into musics and cultures from around the world. Grounded in curiosity and empathy, the program teaches students to seek understanding of the unknown by asking questions, engaging musically, and thinking critically.

Songwriting pedagogy (K-12)
Increased participation of 4th and 5th grade students to 100% by developing a framework for scaffolded songwriting where students can express their respective ways of knowing and being in the world through music.


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