Cameron Armstrong is a composer, guitarist and educator who's passion for music has taken him around the world and back. As a composer his compositions have featured a wide range of ensembles from the traditional to the unusual, often incorporating pre-recorded and live electronics into his pieces. Armstrong’s compositional interests also reach into the realms of jazz and popular music, having written pieces for jazz orchestra and mixed ensembles as well as co-founding the Seattle based folk groups Port August and Modern Bygones. His pieces have been performed by many top players in Seattle most notably the Seattle Chamber Players and St. Helens String Quartet. As a cross-disciplinary artist Armstrong has worked as a composer for the Seattle based interdisciplinary arts collective the Pendleton House, as well as for experimental theater group Modern Recollections among others, attempting to push boundaries within a collaborative environment— amalgamating music with movement, dialogue and film. His work has been premiered at some of Seattle's most reputable venues including, but not limited to,  On the Boards, the Intiman Theater and Velocity Dance Center. His work has also appeared on the popular radio station KEXP. 

     As an educator Cameron teaches guitar, ukulele, piano and music theory through his private studio, as well as via public and private schools and festivals. He also works closely with south Seattle based arts organization Community Arts Create, helping to develop accessible teaching programs for their Rhapsody Project. Armstrong is currently a graduate student at the University of Washington where he has published work on music education and social justice. 

    As a regular performer Armstrong has performed and toured extensively in Seattle, the U.S.A and Europe while working as an integral member of multiple groups including Sebastian and the Deep Blue, Honeysuckle Rye and Modern Bygones.

   The Seattle based artist attended Cornish College of the Arts, graduating cum laude with a degree in music composition where he studied with established contemporary composers Tom Baker (Tom Baker Quartet) and Jarrad Powell (Gamelan Pacifica) among many others.